Mythinburbia #3

32" x 36"

Mythinburbia #3 32" x 36"

Mythinburbia #5

65" x 100"



"Years ago I tried to free myself from him and went from the mythologies of the suburbs to the games with time and infinity.”             



The suburban landscape that I grew up in has become a backdrop or staging ground for this group of pictures. I try to call forth from its immense secularity a kind of poetics that can range in subject from intensely personal/Theological reflections, to social and even international provocations.  Robin Boyd’s insight is as relevant here, as in my thoughts about the desert: “fear of reality, a denial of the need for the everyday environment to reflect the heart of the human problem” - Boyd.

This particular piece, Mythinburbia 7 has been around for several years, and I have exhibited it with a different format in 2017. I think that the combination of completing Means Of Conveyance and the pandemic pushed me to re-visit this piece, lengthening it into a more panoramic orientation, losing some imagery in order to more aggressively empty it out. It also reflects a strong interest in using the gravitational force of a small, focusing image with which to animate or orient much a much larger space.

Mythinburbia #6 (One for Lauren)

60" x 55"

Mythinburbia #7

55" x 110"

Mythinburbia #11 (The Burning Boy)

58" x 39"

Mythinburbia #8
63" x 96"

Mythinburbia #9 (The Desert of St. Anthony) 39" x 115"

Mythinburbia #10 (Mr. Vortex)

59" x 111"

Mythinburbia #13 (Rain in the Desert)

78 3/4" x 115"

Mythinburbia #14, The Burning Boy #2
Mythinburbia #15, the Burning Boy #2.JPG
Copy of Mythinburbia # 9, The Burning Boy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Mythinburbia #12 (Girl Walk)

58" x 39"

Mythinburbia #15: The Correct Way to Hold a Gun 90"X96
How to HOld a Gun 2.JPG

Mythinburbia # 16; Last Tuesday Night, 60"X85"

Mythinburbia #17, Fire Starter, 63"X96"
Fire Starter.JPG
Audrey detail - Copy2.jpg