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The Black Box

The Black Box and related works was begun in response to the Maylasian Flight 370, which disappeared in 2014, provoking a massive search effort for it and the 'black box, which was supposed to explain everything; to make the mystery go away. I quickly realized that I could construct my own Black Box composed of a stack of 239 sheets of tar paper (one for all of the people lost). On each of these, I worked with an iconic image from the three major world religions, each of them offering a different explanation.   

The Black Box No. 1                                        The Black Box No. 2                                           The Black Box No. 3

40" x 50 x 20"                                                   40"x 50"x 20"                                                      40"x 50x 20"

The Black Box (top) #1, 2014.jpg
The Black Box (top) # 3, 2022.jpg
Heading 6
The Black Box (top) #2, 2021.jpg

The Black Box study, Charcoal on paper

30" x 22"

The Black box, Coda
72" x 50"
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